1. EBMUD Water Line Replacement: This project consists of replacing the 10-inch water line that ruptured on July 4, 2013. The project extends along Diablo Road, between Front Street and Hartz Avenue; and on Hartz Avenue, between Diablo Road and Railroad Avenue.  COMPLETED

    2. Downtown Wayfinding Signage: This project consists of installing new permanent wayfinding signs throughout downtown Danville to help navigate pedestrian, car and bicycle traffic to key destinations. Construction will involve removing sections of existing sidewalk, installing foundations, bases, poles and signs, and replacing sidewalk panels.  COMPLETED

    3. North Hartz Avenue Beautification: This project extends the charm and character of Danville’s historic downtown to the northern segment of Hartz Avenue with upgrades that include new paving, brick-banded sidewalks, antique street lamps, street trees and on-street public parking. COMPLETED

    4. Railroad Avenue Improvements: This project transitions the auto-oriented nature of Railroad Avenue into the pedestrian environment of Hartz Avenue with widened brick-banded sidewalks, antique street lights, new street trees and bulb-outs at the corners with brick-patterned crosswalks. COMPLETED

    5. Danville Hotel Site: This private project involves the construction of approximately 35,000 square feet of new residential, retail and restaurant space. The project will include 16 for-sale second story residential units, averaging 1,200 square feet in size. COMPLETED

    6. Austin Root House: This private project involves restoration and redevelopment of the historic Austin Root House, by relocating the existing structure toward Railroad Avenue. The project will add approximately 1,370 square feet of new first floor commercial space and three residential units on the upper level, with garages for residential parking.

    7. Bocce Court Expansion: This project, started in Fall 2015, expanded the bocce ball courts at Sycamore Valley Park. The project consisted of creating four new courts, shade structures and additional picnic areas.   COMPLETED

    8. Danville Library Renovations: From June 13-26, 2016, the Danville Library will be closed for needed renovations of the restrooms, furnishing, lighting and HVAC.

    9. Front Street Creek Bank Restoration: Due to a slide caused by heavy rains in 2014, the creek bank along Front Street requires shoring and embankment improvements. This project is expected to start in the latter part of 2016. 

    10. Osage Station Park Renovation: This project consists of replacing the playground equipment at Osage Station Park, renovating the picnic areas and replacing the memorial rose boxes.

    11. Pavement Slurry Seal: This project works to maintain the integrity of Danville Streets. Each year, several miles of road in Danville receive maintenance in the form of slurry seal to help them withstand wear and tear from traffic.