• Danville Library Renovation

  • Danville Library Renovation Project


        Since its opening in August 1996, the Danville Library has hosted over 5 million visitors.  In 2015/16, the Library received 283,427 visitors.  Today, the Danville Library is the fourth largest circulating library and is open for more hours than any library in the 26 branch library system. 


        The Library Renovation Project includes four primary components:  restroom renovation, new lounge furniture, lighting improvements and updated Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units. 


        The renovation will take place from June 13, 2016 through June 27, 2016.  The Danville Library will be closed during this period.  However, basic services such as books on hold, returns and limited catalog and Internet services will be available during regular library hours from the Mt. Diablo Room.  The renovation dates were scheduled during a time that has the least impact on the community, as the library is frequented during the academic year by students.



    Library Restrooms


        Library staff and patrons have seen an increase in the use of the library restrooms, which are used by library patrons, users of the Mt. Diablo Room and visitors to the Town Green.  The restrooms are in need of extensive repair due to dim lighting, poor air ventilation, chipped countertops and wall-mounted toilets being held up by metal supports.  The restroom remodel project includes demolition, new tile, partitions, paint, countertops, toilet accessories, improved lighting and improved ventilation.


        The design component of the restroom renovation project completed by Kappe Architects of San Rafael, California at a cost of $19,650.  Construction of the new restrooms will be completed by Garic Construction of Placerville, California at a cost of $72,120.


    Library Furnishings


        The lounge furniture in the library undergoes reupholstering every five to ten years and has never been completely replaced since the library opened nearly twenty years ago.  Town and Library staff have identified new lounge chairs for the Danville Library that are more durable, easier to maintain and easier to clean.  The colors are similar to the current lounge chairs and complements the Library’s existing décor.  A total of 27 chairs will be replaced, two of which will be placed in the Danville Community Center’s lobby.  The new lounge chairs will cost $41,346.


    HVAC Replacement


    The Library Heating and Air Condition Units Replacement project consists of the removal of the eight existing HVAC units and installation of eight new units. The HVAC units are located on the roof of the Library and range in size from 4-Ton to 12.5-Ton. The existing units were installed during the construction of the building nearly 20 years ago and are in need of replacement. The replacement project will take place while the Library is closed in order to reduce the impact on the user groups.

    Start date:  June 13, 2016

    Estimated Completion: June 26, 2016