• North Hartz Avenue Beautification

  • Currently, the north end of Hartz Avenue is reminiscent of the 1950s when stores had glass façades with parking in the front. This project is designed to extend the charm and character of Danville’s historic downtown to the retail area along this segment of Hartz Avenue with upgrades such as antique street lamps, brick-banded sidewalks, rows of street trees and on-street public parking.

    Construction is expected to be underway in spring 2014, upon completion of the EBMUD Water Line project. Construction of the project is envisioned in two phases.

    Phase 1 involves the relocation of existing underground utilities. Electricity, telephone, cable, gas, and water services will be moved beneath the proposed sidewalk.

    Phase 2 began in February, 2015. Construction activities during this second phase will involves a flurry of activity when concrete is poured for the new sidewalks, pavement is laid for the new road surface, and street trees are planted.

    Construction will include traffic control and shifting of traffic lanes to allow for ongoing two-way traffic during construction. Some loss of on-street parking can be anticipated during certain segments of construction. One can also expect to see temporary steel plates used to cover open trenches.

    Start date: Spring 2014
    Estimated Completion: Mid-to-late September 2015