• Railroad Avenue Improvements

  • Railroad Avenue has long served as a route to divert traffic away from Hartz Avenue. In recent years, the Town has recognized the benefit of increasing the walkability of Railroad Avenue given its proximity to the Railroad Avenue municipal lot that serves Lunardi’s grocery store, the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, and the popular Saturday Farmers' Market. Switching the road’s focus from a vehicle-dominated corridor to a pedestrian-welcoming corridor became an important Town objective. The Town’s approval of the Danville Hotel redevelopment project created an opportunity to realize this change.

    As the project progresses, the overhead power lines will be placed underground and the joint utility poles removed along the east side of Railroad Avenue. Next, widened sidewalks will be installed with brick-banding, antique street lights, and a new row of street trees. With a nod towards environmentalism, landscaped curb bulb-outs will be introduced to capture storm runoff from the road for treatment. The bulb-outs will align with patterned cross-walks that provide visual character and enhance pedestrian safety at key intersections. Finally, the road will be resurfaced to smooth any cracks or bumps that have developed in time.

    Although the project appears straightforward, trying to construct the improvements while keeping traffic flowing and businesses flourishing will present a challenge. To alleviate potential impacts on the community, the construction work will be accomplished in phases.

    Construction will include traffic control and shifting of traffic lanes to allow for ongoing two-way traffic during construction. Traffic diversion patterns will shift with each phase. Some loss of on-street parking can be anticipated during certain segments of construction.

    Start date: Spring 2014
    Estimated Completion: Early October 2015